Ike Strikes Again - A. Manzoni & Fils Canopus WeekplannerOliver Ike of IkepodRemember Ikepod replica watches? Watches using a futuristic design which are out-of-the-ordinary. Quite a few their replica watches specified for by Marc Newson (who later also designed an Atmos clock for Jaeger-LeCoultre). The best model was definitely the Ikepod Hemipode Cunningham Chronograph, but even now.. I am not saying even confident that this manufacturer still exists. No matter the reason, the first founding father of that company was Oliver Ike. He soon began Ikepod in 1996 and quickly moved to become a consultant with other watch brands. However, he thought it was tough to work with other brand's masterpieces as he still had his very own master piece in your mind. watch boxes A. Manzoni & FilsOliver Ike and Swiss watchmakers A.Manzoni & Fils thought we would carry out a re-launch of an. Manzoni & Fils. An important ingredients must be the art of Swiss watchmaking and contemporary design. In addition to Finnish designer Ilkka Suppanen they developed the Canopus Weekplanner watch. A unique design that has a mechanical complication that is capable to indicate a few days number, day of the week, month, date, moon phase not to mention some time.The A. Manzoni & Fils Canopus Weekplanner has 4 correctors to put your day each week, volume of the week, the date and moon phase. These features have been a part of a unique movement module created by Dubois Depraz and contains been connected to the base caliber by Soprod (caliber A10). The movement carries a nice finish for the rotor which is known as 'Côte de Copacabana'. Very exotic.As Ilkka Suppanen explained, the style of the watch "the shape will not be round, not square, but somewhere in between watches . As easy as it appears, the design of the Canopus Weekplanner is pretty complex. The design of this watch is dependant on a super ellipse, a symmetric curve discovered by a French mathematician (Lame) inside Nineteenth century. This design also triggered a very complex shape for the sapphire crystal.A really cool feature on the watch would be the resizeable bracelet. We have seen the comfortable resizing system from brands like Rolex (Glidelock system), but what A.Manzoni & Fils did is most likely more comfortable. Resizing can be done for the wrist and extremely precise, with the watch on your own wrist.The Canopus Weekplanner also comes in help made mahogany wooden box with both a steel bracelet and a leather strap. The leather strap is crafted by Camille Fournet.The magnitude of the watch are 44mm (diameter) x 10mm (height) and it's water-resistant nearly 10atm (100 meters). As mentioned previously, the watch has this rapid bracelet change mechanism (and that is patented) for easy and comfortable wear.Price of the watch? The shop price of the watch will be $15.000 USD, however…Kickstarter FundStarting (or reviving) a new brand is extremely expensive. Oliver Ike decided to make use of the Kickstarter programme to obtain funding for his new watch brand. Should you get involved in this software - between now and October 27th - you can purchase your watch for 1/3rd of its retail price. Money is going to be dedicated to converting the prototype model intro a production watch, adapting the developed DD module movement on the Soprod A10 movement and locating a first t least orders making use of their suppliers for everyone other places. A. Manzoni & Fils is extremely clear that it money will never begin expensive marketing activities like hiring brand ambassadors.More details is found here.Also, check out the official A.Manzoni & Fils website rolex submariner black . replica carrera automatic tag heuer watches
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